G&G Essential Food 200g

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G&G Essential Food 200g

Essential Food 200g The multi-award winning product from G&G

The launch of Essential Food heralds a new approach to total nutrition. Essential Food's formula is the first of its kind and contains only organic nutrients in naturally occurring formats. This, coupled with high bio-availability, makes for a food supplement that serves primarily as an energy booster and also a natural foundation for health. Essential Food is a green nutri-food drink, composed of natural ingredients, which when blended with organic apple juice makes a natural-tasting smoothie filled with great ingredients.

Pre-Sprouted Barley

Essential Food's potency revolves around the inclusion of one key ingredient: Pre-Sprouted Barley. Using a new patented process all the enzymal and nutrient activity in the barley grain is captured just prior to sprouting. This new medium has the potential to generate 400% more energy than conventional barley and contains a host of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and enzymes. Essential Food also has added organic B Vitamins, which is unique among drinks of this kind, and allows a vitamin drink which is totally organic.


Pre-sprouted Barley has an 11% protein content but, more importantly, the ratio of the eight amino acids within it virtually mirrors that of the human body. This means the body can more effectively assimilate essential protein.

All Key Nutrients

With Pre-Sprouted barley as an initial constituent, a selection of organic and natural ingredients were added to create what is, in essence, a super food formula that contains all key nutrients.

This 200g tub contains 10x 20g servings.


Pre Sprouted Aktivated Barley (Organic) 590mg
Apple (Organic) 140mg
Linseed (Organic) 140mg
Barley Grass (Organic) 40mg
Quinoa (Organic) 30mg
Bilberry Fruit (Organic) 10mg
Carrot (Organic) 10mg
Turmeric (Organic) 10mg
Kelp 10mg
Spirulina (Organic) 10mg
Orgenå¨ B (Organic) 10mg

OrgenB contains: Organic Holy Basil Extract, Organic Guava Extract, Organic Lemon extract


Add two scoops (20g per scoop) to water, juice or as an addition to a smoothie.


There are no warnings associated with this product.